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Should you apply for a position that you don't have all the necessary qualifications for?

Here are some tips to help you decide.

Update your CV!

Try this great Short CV Template for a focused and snappy CV.

Always get a copy of the job description, call up and ask questions, above all - are you qualified for the role?

A photo is fine, people will google you to see what you look like anyway!

Send the CV in a PDF so that formatting is not compromised.

Stop using these terms to describe yourself!

Writing A Beautiful Cover Letter

Always send a one page cover letter tailored to the role.

The cover letter speaks for you and connects with the job, let the CV prove you are qualified for the role.

Pay attention to spelling, grammar and good sentence structure, ask someone to proof it for you.

Highlight how your skills match the job description requirements, using a couple of past role examples.

Connect to their cause, tell them why you want to work there!

Follow this link for good specific advice; Careers NZ - How to Write a Cover Letter

Help for the Interview

Get a feel for the company and dress appropriately, go for formal rather than casual if unsure.

Research your route and the parking/bus options on Google Maps and arrive well in advance so that you are cool and calm.

Take a notebook and pen and put it on the table, take notes!

Make eye contact, breathe and take your time to answer.

Keep answers SHORT, 3 sentences is enough, they have a long list and will ask if they need details.

Interviewers usually use 'Behavioural Questions' read this to understand the process and to prepare your answers.

Never speak badly of a past employer or colleague.

To make you look like an exceptional candidate have a look at these Questions to ask at the Interview

Salary Negotiations

Here are two great articles from Professionelle that offer great advice for negotiating your salary if moving to a new job or feeling underpaid in your current role.

Reframing Salary Negotiations for Success and Pay Rise Tips For Women

Increase your Employability

Keep up to date with the sector; join groups (on and off line) and any blogs that can inform and inspire you, network!

Social media; make sure your LinkedIn profile or any other public faces are up to date, appropriate and accurate.

40% of jobs are never advertised! Volunteering increases your chances of being hired - contact the organisation you want to work for and volunteer to help in the fundraising office immediately.

Upskill; join the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ), the organisational body for fundraisers, attend their professional development lunches, training days and conferences.

Register with us so that we can assist and advise you!

Be professional, have a career plan, get a mentor.